Dune walk to 2019

Thomas + I took a walk here on New Year's Day. Though the trail through the pines was quiet, far off we could hear the rumble of the wind blowing over the bay and into the trees. When we reached the top of the dune, our eyes teared up when the wind hit us. Blinking, freezing, we stood in awe. You could say it was the view (it was that too) but it was also in how we got there.

Here. 2019.

To say I am grateful for how the past year has gone is an understatement. I am unsure how to form into words, written or said, about how immense my gratitude is. My heart swells with it.

I think back to that walk - I see us on the dune, our shapes cut out of the blue sky. We look to the ocean, to what lies ahead. It is wide open.