Almost equinox

All of a sudden, summer is both hanging around and barely hanging on. Evenings are cool; we close most of the windows before heading to bed to keep out the chill. Night sticks around longer and longer each morning as a grey veil of darkness over the yard, quietly slipping away as the sun moves higher in the sky. 

But soon enough, things warm up and the day reveals what it has in store. The sky is shining bright blue, and you think, 'September is hands-down, the best month ever.' 
So now it's waiting: waiting for seeds to form, to be saved for growing next year (dyer's coreopsis), and to be saved for dye projects this fall (Hopi black sunflower). But you've got to be quick enough to get to the seeds before the wind takes them or before the birds + squirrels get to them.
Or you can just decide to share a little.
Speaking of sharing....Can't get to a workshop? Check out MAKE IT, where I'll be sharing my recipes, tips, and instructions on plant-based projects + workshops held in the studio.