June before the solstice

June 1:
Evening planting tulsi + lavender. Lone coyote ran through the yard, sniffed us in the air and just kept going, skinny tail and all. We saw her later through the window from the house, weaving her way through the Lelands. The birds announced her arrival, following above in the treetops. Thomas + I watched her go through the binoculars, landscape distorted like a diorama.

June 2:
2 trips to the ocean today.
Made 3 Beach Rose Ink.
Not enough umbrella time.

June 6:
I've been watching the winds lately. Wondering how old they are. How many times they've crossed over the earth. I watch them move through the trees, negative space parting the way between sky and leaves: all things in flux.

June 9, morning:
Smell of cut lilacs from the vase on the kitchen table; so strong it reaches waay back to the bedroom to us with heads on pillows.

June 10:
What started out as a sunny day is slowly turning more grey. Storm skies are brewing. Bright blue, but off. There will be a lot of rain coming.
To do: seed something w/sunflowers? Harvest more chamomile for oil infusion + sage for herbal honey. Take down the umbrella + prep for storm.