Low winter sun. There is something about these three words strung together that I find really beautiful. Maybe it's that I reflect on December's stunning sunsets and rises, or how our shadows lay long and tall beside us, stretched out like branches reaching to the sky. It is the best time of year for woods walks; hard to distinguish your shadow from the trees, they are one in the same.I've never been one to dread winter as it approaches. We move inward. There are fires in the stove morning + night. We have permission to slow down, to let things just be, to watch the low winter sun do its dance across the sky.  - Winter solstice + the last full moon...

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To firsts

Our very first Christmas on Cape Cod, Thomas + I set up shop for our very first market at Wellfleet's Holiday Bazaar. Held at Preservation Hall, it was (and is) a testament to the local community's drive to shop locally and support their small business owners. It snowed + we froze! But it was a cozy welcome for us. I made Pinecone Firestarter from beeswax, bayberry leaves + pinecones and gave it out to our customers. This year, I'm making it again! Stop by the shop Friday + Saturday at our Holiday Open House to get some of your own! Join us in celebrating the start of the holiday season at PWS: tunes, treats, tree lighting, workshop + popup!shop handmade...

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Last night I saw a shooting star in the black sky, a sure sign that fall and it's crisp, clear air is here. According to Samhain, these days mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year. But the term 'dark' is relative. To me, this is the time of year to settle down, to make pots of soup, to keep the fire in the stove stoked. We make plans for the holidays to visit with family + friends. We gather evergreen boughs and bring them indoors for decoration, adorning our homes with the scents and colors of the natural, green world. And the lights! Main streets + neighborhoods brighten even as...

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